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Commander Matthew Noble host to Muk'roc of the Tok'ra

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Date of Birth - March 28th, 1970

Location of Birth - The Rural Town of Corfield in Central Queensland, Australia

Age - 34

Race - Tau'ri born, Host to a Tok'ra

Affiliation - Tau'ri (Earth), Australia, Tok'ra, Atlantis

Grandfather - Mark Noble

Father - Markus Noble

Mother - Sarah Noble

Oldest Brother - Bill Noble

Younger Sister - Hope Noble

Former Lover and Mother of his Son - Kelly Beck

Son - Jon Noble

Career - Royal Australian Navy, Submariner Corps (Previous), Special Operations Command (Previous), Stargate Command/SG-17(Previous), Atlantis Expedition (Current)



Matthew was the second child born to Markus and Sarah Noble in the small Rural Town of Corfield in Central Queensland, Australia in the year 1970, Matthew was named after the Apostile Matthew. A year latter his younger sister Hope was born and they gained unique bond this is not even shared with the six year older brother Bill. As soon as they could walk they worked the family farm, while Matthew was an excellent farm worker he gained a want to join the Royal Australian Navy with the stories his Grandfather told him. During the day Matthew would tend to the farm and during the evening he would learn the mechanical trade. 

Teenage Years

When Matthew was thirteen Matthew and his at the time lover Kelly Beck had sex for the first time and she got pregnant, their son Jon was born 9 months later. When Jon was born Matthew spent less and less time with his grandfather learning things he would need to know in the RAN and spent his afternoons and nights with his son and his lover. 

When Matthew was sixteen his Grandfather encouraged him to follow his dream and join the RAN, when he brought this to Kelly she got angry with him telling him his place was with her and their son, Jon haven overheard their argument told his parents that he wanted his father to be happy and that he will be back. A large party is thrown by the community of Corgfield for Matthew as a send off, the following day Matthew packs his backpack and sets off on his month long journey. Most of his journey is spent walking with getting a ride in someone's car every now and then. Matthew walked into Rockhampton in the same clothes he left Corfield with which has hardly been watched and his entire visage is of a dirty man. After several days of living on the street and in awe of the first city he has seen he finds the Australian Defense Force Recruiting Centre and makes his way in. 

During his testing it is found out that Matthew is incredibly smart and gains more knowledge more quickly, also the fact that he travelled for a month to join the RAN impressed the recruiters. It was recommended that he becomes an officer and he quickly accepts. 

At the age of seventeen Matthew completed his officer training and became a Sub Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Navy, his first assignment was on the HMAS Brisbane, a Charles F. Adams Destroyer. 

Adult Years - Pre-SGC 

In the year 1996 now Commander Matthew Noble has given the position of Executive Officer of the HMAS Collins, the RANs first Collins-Class Submarine. Matthew was an exteremly good XO for the submarine but in the year 2000 Commander Noble was offered a position with the 2nd Commando Regiment, one which he accepted, this led to Matthew joining a Top Secret Military Progrem that travels and explores other planets in the Milky Way Galaxy and wages a Shadow War against the Goa'uld Empire. 

SGC Years

While Matthew's year in service of Stargate Command was short he used that time to gain a knowledge of alien technology and tactics, Commander Noble even helped Samantha Carter in several R&D Projects, this is not to say that he was not capable on the Battlefield, during one of SG-17's missions his team of six - four soldiers and two civilians - was ambushed by Goa'uld Forces, Commander Noble not only kept his team collected and organized under overwhelming odds but his expert marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat skills saved his and his team's lives with SG-17 only receiving minor wounds, during the battle however they came across a dying Tok'ra and Commander Noble volunteered to be the new Host. During the Battle of Antarctica Commander Noble was assigned to the USAF Prometheus by request of Major General George S. Hammond to lead the Prometheus' F-302 Fighter Wing, when Major Cameron Mitchell was shot down, Commander Noble took charge of the F-302s as the USAF Prometheus made their way for orbit. 

Atlantis Expedition Years 

Due to his actions during his time at Stargate Command and with the discovery that he has a powerful ATA Gene, Dr. Elizabeth Weir requested that he join the Atlantis Expedition, one that was galdly accepted by Commander Noble and one that was reluctently accepted by the SGC. 

Episode Runs

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