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Elora & Mal'na

By Kiddoxo
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Mal’na - Tok’ra - female

Elora - Host

Elora was a university scientist on her home world, both a teacher and a researcher of astronomy, until the Goa’uld attacked. Not aware that they existed, her homeworld could not fight back and Elora, unable to protect herself, sacrificed herself to allow her students to escape. She was taken by the Goa’uld and would have been enslaved except a woman she had not met before risked everything to save the group Elora had been running with. Overpowering the Jaffa, they escaped, but the woman was gravely injured. She pulled Elora aside and explained herself as host to the Tok’ra Mal’na, and that if she wanted revenge on the Goa’uld for destroying her homeworld, becoming her next host would help do that. Barely understanding the weight of that sacrifice, Elora agreed and became Mal’na’s new host, who then helped she and several others escape her homeworld.

Elora has been working with the Tok’ra ever since—two decades now—as a scientist studying the stars and Stargate, with an eye to the Ancients and their research. Mal’na is several hundred years old and is teaching Elora much.

Elora is not very charismatic. She’s a factual, to-the-point person with a close eye on the stars and science. Mal’na has the wisdom of many centuries but a grave desire and determination to see the Goa’uld defeated. They may not always agree with each other’s methods, but they agree on the goal: defeat the Goa’uld. Avenge their respective fallen. And maybe meet an Ancient.


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