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Hird Sigurdson

By Chris_Acrobat
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Hird, Son of Sigurd, Son of Hilda, Gatekeeper of Gutland

First name: Hird
Last name: "Son of Sigurd, Son of Hilda, Gatekeeper of Gutland", shortened to Sigurdson for the Stargate Phoenix roster.
Previous occupation: Keeper of Gutland gate.
Motto: Once a Gutland Gatekeeper, always a Gutland Gatekeeper.

Does know that the origin of the Asgards "gods" are not the Vikings (or real gods) he had grown up with, but he is still a firm believer the mythology.

Hird, Son of Sigurd, Gatekeeper of Gutland, is from the capital city Visby (ᚢᛁᛋᛒᛁ) of planet Gutland (ᚴᚢᛏᛚᛅᚾᛏᛁ), a planet that was under the Asgards-Goa'uld Protected Planets Treaty, but Goa'uld argue that the people of Gutland (Gutlants) violated the treaty by being threat to Goa'uld trade routes by being cheaper. Goa'uld prises was probably more expensive because they wanted high prices just so they could have an excuse to attack.

The Gutlants did not get much of a warning. The Gate (Stargate) was called, hinder the Gutlants form departing, then the Ettins (Goa'uld) attacked from the sky. Ettins attacked everywhere, all villages, cities and forests was burning. The Great Wall of Visby was destroyed beyond repair along with the capital, but the gate perimeter was hold by using the Ettins superior weaponry against them. The Ettins managed to recall the gate two times in a row, but on the third time the Gutlants managed to call out first and managed to recall until all souls had departed. The Guardians of Visby along with guardians from other cities helped everyone in need to depart before they them selves departed, followed by the gatekeepers that had held the gates perimeter from ground attacks. Many Gutlants died, but no souls was lost. All that where killed during the attack was either carried though the gate or given a proper funeral.

It was decided to travel to the old trading market at Birka (ᛒᛁᚱᚴᛅ) on the planet Sigtuna (ᛋᛁᚴᛏᚢᚾᛅ), a friendly long time trading partner, but first they spitted up and made multiple gate trips to other locations to make the Ettins lose their tail. When arriving the people of Sigtuna (Sigtunians) welcomed them with open arms, rumors about the attack had precede them. Those that had not had an proper funeral along the way got one on Sigtuna.

It didn't take long until old guardians and gatekeepers of Gutland, and the rest of the Gutlants, found new purpose. Some joined Sigtunas guardians and keepers, some stayed home and helped with building up a new settlement (New Gutland), community and agriculture. And some went out traveling, trying to follow the rumors about legendary warriors with a newly formed secret Ettins resistance. Most came home empty handed, but some has not come home at all...

- - - - - -

Spoken phrases
Gutlants don't escape or flee, we depart.

Goa'uld - Ettins (ᛅᛏᛏᛁᚾᛋ)
Stargate - Gate, Portal, Annulus (ᛅᚾᚾᚢᛚᚢᛋ)

Character word choices
Escape -> Departure. regroup
Proper funeral -> Being placed in front of a wormhole "splash", being carried into the wrong end of a wormhole or a pyre funeral. Preferred in that order along with a ritual whenever possible. This is seen as being passed through the gate to Valhalla and to hinder the Ettins to resurrecting their corpse.

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Useful information

Generate runes (Younger Furthark): https://valhyr.com/pages/rune-converter

HirdSigurdHilda or natmus.dk.


Gotland's (IRL Gutland) officiell landscape animal is the European hedgehog. Reflecting Gutlants peoples will of staying in defence.

"Sigtuna lays claim to the title of Sweden's oldest existing town." https://www.thelocal.se/20150506/the-six-cutest-swedish-towns-youve-never-been-to/


ᚴᚢᛏᛚᛅᚾᛏᛁ ("Gutland") does in reality mean Kutlandi or Kutlanti.

Hero Forge

- - - - - -

Valp (Bear wolf / Wolf bear), big wolf-, hairy bear-like creature from Gutland.


  1. +1 Firing Range

  2. +1 Gym

  3. Climate Protection Clothing

Episode Runs

    • Episode Number: 0.04
    • Tier: 1
    • Success
    • Episode Number: 1.01
    • Tier: 1-4
    • Success
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