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Kifia Vale

By Treb Ruddahan
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Kifia grew up on the generation ship Mondara. Her people, the Camnoir, were a nomadic race forced to flee their homeworld nearly three hundred years ago to escape a Goa’uld invasion. When she was in her teens, the fleet was discovered and attacked by the Goa’uld system lord [redacted]. Most of the fleet escaped to hyperspace, but the Mondara was crippled and boarded by Jaffa.

Kifia, her mother and two of her siblings were aboard one of the few evacuation shuttles that escaped, masking their signature to appear as debris while they made for the nearest inhabitable world (designated P2Q-017). Despite initial misgivings about staying put, the survivors agreed to settle down and establish a colony on the world, which they named New Camnus.

Kifia had always had a fascination with other worlds and other cultures, and their arrival on New Camnus offered her the chance to really explore for the first time, despite her family's misgivings. The remains of an Ancient settlement (where the Stargate was located) were found close to the colony, and Kifia spent years studying the ruins to uncover their secrets. She kept secret from the rest of the colony her suspicions about the Stargate (fearing they would wish to bury or try to destroy it) until an SGC exploration team arrived, revealing its true nature.

Kifia did what she could to alleviate tensions between the colonists and the Tau'ri, and was glad of the chance to exchange notes with them on her discoveries. An attempt was made to sabotage negotiations by a member of the Camnoir community, but with Kifia's help the Tau'ri were able to expose the culprit and smooth things over. Many of the Camnoir remain reluctant to get involved in the war against the Goa'uld, but Kifia knew the Camnoir fleet was still out there, constantly on the run for fear of the System Lords. This wasn't just her chance to see new worlds and meet new people; it was a chance to potentially find her father, brother and the rest of the Camnoir fleet, and maybe find a way to lead them home to New Camnoir without fearing pursuit by the Goa'uld.



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Episode Runs

  1. S1E6 - Prey : S01E06

    • Episode Number: 1.06
    • Tier: 1
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