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Printing the Maps

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Ground Floor min size is 29 wide and 29 tall.

Floor -1 min size is 30 wide and 31 tall.

Floor -2 min size is 29 wide and 25 tall.

Floor -3 min size is 30 wide and 29 tall.


That said, if they were stacked on top of each other based on the freight elevator. AND if you care if they line up Then the facility as a whole is 35 wide by 31 tall. On top of that I would add a half inch bleed around the edge, as many levels but up to the side of this box. So I am printing my maps at 36 wide by 32 tall, after I clean up errors in how some of them come together...


More on sizing

the cut map pages are 8 by 10 squares, each square is 300 pixels for a 300 dpi printing. Do not scale them when you print to insure 1" squares.

The High level pages are not scaled the same. (Floor -3 is about 81.4 dpi, Floor -2 is about 90 dpi, Floor -1 is about 73.5 dpi, Floor 0 is about 82.5 dpi)



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