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Sanity check: living campaign module order


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Just a sanity check: for most living campaigns, order of play of the modules does not have to be sequential.  Is that true here?

I am signed up for several games at GenCon, but was not able to get into an Episode 1 slot.  Is that a problem?

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Only to a point.

The core 13 episodes of each season are over-all sequentially connected even though the individual episodes may not lead directly into the next to start off with.

In this case, the first three episodes are each starting their own plot threads and have no connection other than episode 1 is your first day on the job and others aren't. With the caveat that I've yet to play beyond that point I'd say that all bets are off and from episode 4 onwards the plot is likely to touch on if not actually be be reliant on one or more prior episodes.

There are however stand alone "side missions" that are unconnected to the plot of the season are basically your standard "monster of the week" scenario where order of play is largely unimportant

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