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Integration with Roll20?


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Since DNDByond is extremely unlikely (99.9% unlikely) to add a Stargate variation to work with Roll20 (via the Chrome extension)... Even though it's based on 5e....
Is there anyway to do something similar for Stargate, so we can play with others around the globe? Especially during the pandemic that is still very much active.

I know the immediate knee-jerk reaction is just "no." I'm just asking to at least deeply consider something of the sorts.


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Hm, isn't there something already on Roll20? I haven't tried it yet nor do I know a lot about Roll20, but I have just watched the Dial the Gate-Game on youtube to get into the system a bit and they used Roll20 for their game, with character sheets, maps, direct rolls by clicking on sheet and so on... 


Edit: Quick search revealed this:


Maybe this helps?



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