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Inquisitor Sciurus’ Homebrew Campaign Notes

Inquisitor Sciurus

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The Phoenix Program was a lofty endeavour to create an alliance to combat the Goa’uld threat. It failed...

Anubis found the site and decimated it, with only a handfull of personnel making it out in time.

The Tok’ra and Jaffa differences, as well as the fragmentation of The Free Jaffa Nation led to the dissolution of the program.

Whatever method Anubis used in the Site’s destruction, left the area of space in a state where all hyperspace travel is impossible. Furthermore, the Phoenix Site’s gate seems to have been buried or destroyed, as all attempts to contact it has failed to engage. Until now. 

The dialing program occasionally runs through the addresses of the known gates which fail to engage. The latest attempt to reach the Phoenix Site made contact. A MALP was sent through, but all it found was a Tok’ra tunnel around the gate...

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State of the Galaxy:

It’s been ten years since the victory over the Ori threat. Although the Goa’uld System Lords Hierarchy was destroyed, there remains millions of Goa’ulds holding small domains across thousands of planets, many of which are outside the gate network. The Free Jaffa have fragmented into four distinct factions, who differ in both philosophical and political views. The Lucian Alliance have grown into a major power in the galaxy, rivalling that which Ra used to hold. And the Aturen retreated back to their homeworld and have not been heard of in the past decade.

Although the galaxy is in a state of precarious peace, the Tau’ri vye for a new alliance between their old friends. The rediscovery of the old Phoenix Site has renewed the idea of the Phoenix Alliance, this time to safeguard the peace in the galaxy, and to free those who are still enslaved to the Goa’uld.

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The existance of a Stargate and life among the stars is still unknown to the general population of Earth. Although there are now thousands of individuals from several nationalities privy to the secret, it has managed to be kept from the public. To the public’s eyes, the greatest human achievement in space exploration is a chinese exploration vessel on the orbit of Mars.

In truth, the nations of IOA share a small fleet of intergalactic warships. The pinnacle of this fleet is the new BC-305 Battlecruiser, also known as the V-Class. Two of these ships are already in service, Victory, and Volga, with a third one, Vigilance, in construction, and two more waiting for funding. However, Earth’s supply of Naquadah is small, and limits the growth of Tau’ri fleet.

In its two decades of operation, SGC has explored just a fraction of the Milky Way’s gate network. By the estimates there are some 20000 gates in Milky Way itself.

Weapons of the Tau’ri:

FN P20

Developed as an improvement to the P90, the P20 offers increased effective range and a larger magazine size. The P20 has standardized railing for attachments.

Sig Sauer M19

A variant of the new official sidearm, the M19 was officially developed for the nascent Space Force and features improved functionality in variable athmospheric conditions. As opposed to the M17 and M18, the M19 features a modified ergonomic grip and a 15 round magazine, allowing for a more compact design.

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The Jaffa

The Free Jaffa have fragmented into four factions, each with their own governing bodies.

The Horuseans are a hard line traditionalist faction, holding on to the old Jaffa ways. Although they have rejected the false gods like most Free Jaffa, they still hold to the traditional identity as Horus Guard. The Horuseans stand at the frontline of the struggle against the remaiming Goa’uld.

The New Origin is a philosophical faction of Jaffa who found the ideals in the Book of Origin to hold wisdom and enlightment, yet reject the idea of Ascended beings as gods. They have mixed the original teachings of Origin with those of Kheb, the Sodan and some human beliefs, to create a unique take on religion.

Chulak Jaffa most closely resemble the Free Jaffa Nation of early 2000’s. A meritocratic republic, still lead by Bra’tac, Teal’c and the Jaffa High Council, the Chulak Jaffa hold warm relations with the Tau’ri.

The Dakarans are progressive, mostly young Jaffa who believe in restructuring the Jaffa culture into something new and rejecting all the old ways as traditions imposed by the false gods.

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