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Until there is a gate network connecting all game conventions together, Wyvern Gaming's staff can't be everywhere. That is why we need YOU! Do you have a game convention in your area? Would you like to run and/or coordinate Stargate Phoenix Living RPG Series games and get rewarded for it at the same time? If yes, then you are reading the right post.

Here is what we need from you at least 1 month prior to the convention:

  • Send us an email at gaming@wyverngaming.com with the subject of "Convention Support - [name of convention]." In the email we need to know the following information:
    • Your Name
    • The email address you use on stargateTheRPG.com 
    • Your mailing address
    • Name of the Convention
    • Convention Dates
    • Number of Episode Runs you are planning
  • Create Episode Runs within the PLAY section of this site for each table you are planning to run
  • Ensure that players join Episode Runs and GMs submit After Action Reports for each table that is ran

Here is what we will do for you if you are planning over 15 Episode Runs:

  • Announce your convention games to our growing StargateTheRPG.com community. In addition, we can make a call for GMs on your behalf
  • Officially list the convention on our Stargate Convention Calendar
  • Provide you with a convention specific Discord channel on the Wyvern Gaming Discord Server
  • Provide you with printed pre-gen character sheets
  • Provide you with digital PDFs of the current season of episodes currently available
  • Badge lanyards for your Gatemasters and Coordinator so people know who they are

If you are planning an event with over 30 Episode Runs, we will also provide the following:

  • Give-away package containing various Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game accessories and add-ons

If 90% of the tables you planned to run have valid After Action Reports within a week after the convention you will also receive:

  • $80 in credit on StargateTheRPG.com

Note: We do reserve the right to deny convention support in certain circumstances. 

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