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Humans Revisited


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I  started this a month ago when folks on the Discord started comparing the tau'ri military and standard military origins; the former specialised origin no longer exists under this revision


Pre-Industrial Human Traits

Appropriate to characters from primarily agrarian societies, typically those still under or recently freed from Goa'uld dominion.
Hit Points: You gain +10 additional HP.
Ability Score Increase: Choose either Constitution or Charisma to improve by +2.
Proficiencies: Choose one skill proficiency and one weapon proficiency.
When you recover HP due to a short rest, you regain an additional +TD HP.
When participating in a group check you make your roll with Advantage.

Contemporary Human Traits

Appropriate to characters from societies that have harnessed the sciences to their will but still have more to learn about it and themselves. Earth is one such world.
Hit Points: You gain +10 additional HP.
Ability Score Increase: Choose any one Ability to improve by +2.
Proficiencies: Choose any two skill proficiencies.
When you recover HP due to a short rest, you regain an additional +TD HP.
Once per Long rest when participating in a Contest with a skill, or required to make a Save, you are not proficient in you add +TD to the result.

Post-Modern Human Traits

Appropriate to characters from worlds and cultures whose understanding of science and the workings of the universe palpably exceed that of 21st Century humanity.
Hit Points: You gain +8 additional HP.
Ability Score Increase: Choose either Wisdom or Intelligence to improve by +2.
Proficiencies: You are proficient in Science plus an additional skill or tool of your choice.
Choose any one skill associated with either Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma. Once per Short or Long Rest when rolling a check using that skill you may either add +TD to the result or ignore Disadvantage.
Whenever you make an Engineering or Culture Check targeting an item from a society with a Tech level of 4 or higher, you add +TD to the check.



Background Origins


You served in an organized military or militia, receiving training and maybe even direct combat experience.
Bonus Proficiency: Choose either Athletics, Intimidation, Medicine, Piloting, any one weapon, or any one tool.
Fire Team: When taking the Help action during combat, you may target any enemy within range of your current weapon.


Racial Origins
These origins are specific to Stargate: SG-1 lore and are available only to characters of the noted race.


You hail from a harsh world, raised to mine naquadah for the Goa'uld
Required Race: Pre-Industrial Human (must be from Abydos)
Bonus Proficiency: Survival
Free From Ra: Your people struggled to become free from the Supreme System Lord Ra, with the help of SG-1. Your will to resist grants advantage on all saves prompted by Goa’uld technology.



All the scattered shoals of humankind and its offshoots can trace themselves back to your world
Required Race: Contemporary Human (must be from Earth)
Galactic Seeds: The ubiquity of the Tau'ri's ancient diaspora grants you Advantage on all Persuasion and Deception Checks made during first contact with any majority human society not having yet met visitors from another world.
God Killers: Your starting Determination Points increase by 1



You come from an advanced society that prides itself on its transparency to its members and the distance it keeps from outsiders
Required Race: Post-Modern Human (must be from a Tollan world)
Hush, The Grown Ups Are Talking: You may use Intelligence (Science) or Wisdom (Science) instead of Charisma (Persuasion) when dealing with cultures of Tech Level 4 or greater
Phase-Shift: You may choose to gain access to a phase-shift device, a precious treasure of your lost homeworld. To do so requires you to spend 9 MP to add the device to your base kit; until then it will only be made available on select missions at the GM's discretion.

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