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Kevlar clarification


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I'm reading through equipment qualities and I'm not sure I understand the significance of Kevlar. The rulebook states "Against any weapons that fire bullets or other high speed projectiles (like arrows or sling bullets) the armor improves its effective Tech Level by +1." (p.69) My understanding of Tech Level is that it generally only affects DCs for understanding or modifying pieces of tech. Should Kevlar's effect actually be +1 to AC against projectile weapons? Or is there some significance to Tech Level that I've overlooked here?

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There is this little snippet on page 68:

Tech Level: Like all equipment, armor has a Tech Level. Uniquely, armor’s tech level may have an effect on direct gameplay as an optional rule; the tech level may grant a character resistance to damage caused by attacks from weapons two tech levels lower than the armor (see page 61).

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