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Unas speech

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How are players handling/planning to handle speech for Unas PCs? Unas in the TV series are shown as speaking only their own language while understanding only simple English phrases. I can get behind the idea that Unas PCs have been among humans long enough to speak simple phrases and understand English fluently, but it seems a bit of a stretch that an Unas could speak fluently in any language other than their own. Is anyone planning on keeping Unas PCs to simple phrases only? Or perhaps speaking their native language and having a human PC that can understand them, like Han and Chewbacca? Looking for ideas on how to handle a possible Unas language barrier in my game!

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It's an interesting question - I've been wondering about it too.  In Thor's Hammer the possessed Unas speaks excellent English, voiced by none other than James Earl Jones.  So that would imply that the Unas have the vocal apparatus to speak, they just choose not to or don't have the necessary neurological support.  (Which, interestingly, some recent research says is the same situation as with chimps.)  None of which actually helps answer your question.  🙂  I suspect this is something that's going to be worked out in gameplay, and I also suspect it's going to end up pushing canonical Unas to be more fluent than, say, Chaka is with Daniel.  But that's just my opinion!  Lee (the Wyvern showrunner) and MGM may decide otherwise.

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I suppose you could say it was a former host and has managed to keep the knowledge to speak thanks to its prior tenant, similar to how Sam kept some of Jolinars memories in SG1. another option might be that your team of PCs have learnt to understand the Unas via a combination of familiarity with its body language and what fragments of language it can speak similar to how people tend to be able to tell what there pets want despite being unable to directly tell there owner tho with that option there would be some sort of difficulty with the unas speaking to NPCs without the aid of his team mates helping to interpret for them(as a bonus that situation could be flipped if your players encounter NPC Unas)


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