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Haven Map Tile Question


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I have seen multiple references to the Haven town center.  Which map in the Town of Haven map tile set, purchased from the WG store, would be considered to have the town center in it?  I see the various districts, but it isn't clear (to me) where the town center would be.


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Hmm . . . sections of various Earth-ruins could be bashed together.  Angkor Wat for the center, Machu-Pichu for the periphery, and a variety of shanty-towns everywhere else (especially the Unas' Quarter).

I'm not saying to lift them directly, but to be inspired by their appearances and arrangement.

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↑ Have you tried doing your own bash-up?

If your goal is to enjoy the game, then that may be the way to go.

If your goal instead depends on Wyvern Gaming expanding on their products anytime in the immediate future, you may be disappointed.

What I have is "good enough" for now.

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As for 'town center' it would seem to be the Unas district. In "Watershed" it was stated that Natoks was in the center of Haven on page 20. In the core rulebook, on page 192, Natok's is mentioned to be in the Unas Quarter. ( Given how the maps don't give any info though, I'm not so sure they even bothered to depict Natoks though.)

The map image that depicts above the place, (depicted in the store's "map tiles" button) it does appear that the unas district seems to be in the middle-ish. Or as middle as one can get in the map grid layout

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