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I really hope I'm not screaming into the void here...

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O will be running a couple sessions of Groundbreaking at a con in MA this coming February. I'd really like for these to be Living Campaign episodes, but I am running into problems - this forum post is my last option. I have sent several Emails to the ID specified in the instructions, and PM'ed a member of Staff to no avail. What else, aside from the instructions posted, do I need to do to get the Living Campaign QR code? My sessions are already not only booked but waitlisted, I'm really hoping to get this official.





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The QR codes are created once you schedule the Episode Runs via the Play section of the site. If you go into Play > Episodes you should see an option to "Create Episode Run." Using this option will give you the QR code that you can provide to players at the table.

Hope this helps.

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Turns out, that option isn't there if yoe episodes werent purchased under your account. In my case, my wife bought them under her account. So I will have to get HER to make the Episode Runs.

Doesn't explain why I never heard back on the Con Support Emails, but oh well.


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