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All skills rolling twice


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Hi everyone. New GM here.  In Roll20 using v 1.76 of the character sheet. Whenever I roll from the character sheet, except for Initiative and Moxie, it rolls 2d20. The Sheet Settings let you set Init. and Moxie to roll with adv. or disadv., but I don't see a way to turn adv. on/off for other rolls. I exited the game and went to Game Settings > Game Default Settings: the only options visible were for adjusting the Page Details (e.g., page size, how tokens work). Any tips for how to stop this?

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We have the same issue.  It seems like its part of the Roll20 culture to always roll with advantage and always use either the left or right roll unless you actually have advantage.  The way around it is to use the dice roller from the map instead, but it doesn't add bonuses.   The option to turn it off would be nice.  Roll20 could take some lessons from DnDBeyond's dice roller.

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