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Gen Con Indy 2022


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Gen Con 2022 is less than 143 days away and we are looking for volunteers! This will be a physical in-person convention August 4th-7th in Indianapolis Indiana.    
Tickets to this year's Gen Con will be limited, but signing up as a volunteer with us guarantees your spot.
We will be hosting over 64 "Episode" runs and need your help. 

This will be for our The "Stargate SG-1:  Living RPG Series - Phoenix Site".
We're looking for about 20-25 GMs to run a minimum of 3 episodes. In exchange for running games, we'll provide for FREE the following:
•    Run 3 Episodes = 4-day pass into the Gen Con 2022 + Convention Stargate t-shirt
•    Run 4 Episodes = All the Above + Exclusive Gen Con 2022 Stargate Pin
•    Run 5 Episodes or more = All the Above + $50 credit on StargateTheRPG.com/Store

To Sign up, send us an email at gamemaster@stargatetherpg.com with the subject line "Gen Con 2022 GM Sign Up". In the email please let us know how many episodes you are signing up to run.

  Thanks Wyvern Gaming

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Brexit screwed the pooch for importing goods into the UK: the bureaucracy wasn't ready for the new regime vis a vis taxation and they seem in no particular hurry to smooth that road bump out (or rather they have so much smoothing to do that looking at any individual case makes things seem glacial).

Similarly it appears there are external factors in play regarding public communication that mean anyone wanting shipping updates needs to contact Wyvern directly

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