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Kickstarter Updates and Pledges.


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I hope those on here have recieved thier physical copies of the book.

There are a lot of people on the Kickstarter who still haven't.

No one from Wyvern has bothered to post an update on the Kickstarter page for at least two months, and apparently all we're hearing third hand, is that information is on a Discord server. Wherever that is???

Well, if there is any information, it should be being posted on the Kickstarter platform where the people who are feeling rather annoyed and upset that they've been left in the dark.

So to whoever is supposed to be in charge of updating the people who paid for this book, please start doing what you're supposed to do.

And if any normal members of this forum who know who to talk to in order to get those in charge of the project to do their job, I ask you to please badger the people in charge until those who have been left in the dark and without thier rewards are informed to the status of where their books are at the bear minimum.

Thank you.

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Based on what is being posted on the Discord server it does seem to depend on your location. North America and APAC seems to be receiving goods, the company chosen to fulfill EMEA orders seems to held back by Brexit and have to make changes to shipping out of the UK.

But I do agree that it would be nice if one of the forum Admins would post on here, let alone on Kickstarter.

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I think the recent acquisition of the IP by Amazon might have had unforeseen behind-the-scenes effects regarding licenceholders being able to make any kind of public statement regarding anything to do with the IP. I think you're gonna need to directly message admins with your questions

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