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Modification Timing


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Modification feats like "Armorer" state they can be used during a long rest.  When starting a new episode, is it assumed that you have had a long rest to use such a feat?

I'm gearing up to run my first episode with some new players, so I'm wondering if any of them play as an Engineer, would they be able to use their modification feat before the start of the mission?  Or would they have to wait for the first long rest after the episode starts?  Similarly, would the same timing apply to Diplomats and their Inspirations?  If the first long rest in the episode doesn't happen for a while, it seems like these two classes may feel a bit dampened as they won't be able to use some of their core class features for a chunk of the episode.

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There is more then enough time for a long rest and I would rule that they can use their feats before a mission starts in my games. If they have been so active that they don't get a long rest they probably are not deployment ready and another team should be assigned to the mission. Another thing could be they don't have time for a long rest as they are going straight back out from returning from a mission to support another team under fire (or something like that) in that case they wouldn't have time to use their feats. 

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I'm inclined to agree with NightWatcher. Unless a mission says an emergency forces the team back out before they have time to recover, assume they can get a long rest and use any applicable feats. I'd also guess there's usually time for a short rest before a mission debrief?

It would be quite strange for an engineer to have to wait until they're out on a mission before thay can perform a modification (unless it's one that threatens base security in some way!)

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