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What race would you like to play?


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I know this is boring but I would love to play Human. Mostly because I've watched the show and always thought how cool it would be to actually be on a Stargate team. 
So, in essence I'd be living vicariously through my character.

Other races that excite me to potentially play: Tokra, Jaffa

I'm looking at the others and remembering the series am struggling to see how they wouldn't create headaches for the storyteller (though some in this thread have pointed out the Elder Tokra and I agree). A lot of these races seem more like NPC allies or at best antagonists. If you are following canon, how long was it before the Nox started to trust humans enough to even kind of work with them? 
Asgard seems game breaking ... to make it playable would make it really weak and there's nothing worse than playing a race known for its prowess that is hindered by game balance mechanics.  (Think Elves in Lotro ... eegads ... hobbled to the point of being on the same plane as men and Dwarves. No bueno)

Anyway, back to my point, if you're following the timeline at all, a lot of these races didn't end up working with the SG teams (and many not actually on SG teams ... Asgard anyone?) until way late in the series. 
I'm not trying to be a nit-picker here but ... unless your goal is to deviate from the series, drastically, I'm not seeing a lot of the other races functioning without problems. 

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