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Base kit loadout

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Question on the base kit: on p. 57 the rulebook states the base kit comes with 1 sidearm and one longarm, each with 2 magazines. Should we assume those weapons come loaded or unloaded? In other words, do people read that as 1 loaded longarm with ammunition for one reload, or one loaded longer with ammunition for 2 reloads? I know ammo is meant as a pretty limiting resource, but I don't want to make things even harder for players by short changing them on ammo.

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I've been wondering the same thing myself.

Since the section on Bulk (p. 60) states that a pouch containing two magazines has a bulk of 1, I'd imagine that pouches of two magazines are an SGC thing, and issued in addition to the weapon. I'd assume that a weapon would normally come with a magazine of its own and the ammo to fill it.

(Another problem with that line is that the game classes the Mossberg 500 as a Shotgun, not a Longarm. )

Overall, my best guess is that it should really read:
"Longarm (FN P90) or Shotgun (Mossberg 500), w/2 spare magazines"


(This said, don't forget that the game gives the P90 a capacity of 60, thanks to the Extended Capacity quality (in contrast to the 50 capacity listed for the P90 by other sources). 180 rounds does sound like a lot - though it probably depends on what the team are going to be up against, and how much use they'll be able to get out of the Automatic option. An official answer would certainly be nice.)

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Think of it in terms that they're not spare magazines (ie, a replacement for something lost or damaged), they're additional magazines (ie, items to be used once the original loadout has been expended).


I mean one of the later kits blithely gives you something like 10000 additional bullets (equiv to 200 P90 mags). I don't think its gonna quibble on giving you a spare hundred to start off with

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