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Hello everyone! Wasn't aware we now have a forum! 😍

I'm Nick, I'm from the Netherlands, and I'm rather new to RPGs. But being a huge fan of Stargate, I'm thrilled to see a new RPG in development. It's been next to impossible to find groups with which to play games like Stargate or Star Trek Adventures, even more so with my particular interests. So I'm currently trying to get into RPGs by playing by myself.

I'm a hobbyist writer, game designer, worldbuilder, artist, and all-round geek. I'm currently diving into the Foundry VTT and battlemaps, and I plan to create maps, artwork (tokens and such), and stories for both Stargate and Star Trek Adventures. I also backed Project Deios on Kickstarter, which will be a tool to create giant maps ranging from cities to entire galaxies. They already have a battlemap editor called DungeonFog that I'm going to use for now.

I'm really hoping everything will turn out great, especially the Stargate RPG. But to be perfectly honest, I also know MGM's track record, so I'm kind of apprehensive about them.

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Hiya, I am Platschu. Bow before your god! I command you. : ribbon device : :evil yellow eyes: SGC must be ready to the rise of the Great Goa'uld Empire again. 🙂

^^^ So this is a clear evidence of Goa'ud infiltration.

But back to seriousness, my cybername is Platschu and I am an SG fan since 2000. I have been a writer, news translator, forum moderator of our Hungarian website, the Abydos Gate. I have made my presence be felt on the Stargate Command app too. I am still active on GateWord, where you can find me easily. I wouldn't say I know everything about the Stargate as I don't want to look like I am big headed, but I have really digged myself deeply into the lore as I still love this franchise. I am a loyal supporter of the Goa'uld, so be aware we keep our eyes on this project! 🙂

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