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Now i went down a rabbit hole on this one, but think that i figured out what they maybe and plays in so well with the stargate universe. Based off the limited information i could find i would say that they are a race of  mischwesen (or Hybrid creatures or chimeras). This is all based off french culture and going off the Utopian reference that the race tried to do, this would also fit with why the Goa'uld would mimic them with their armor. They maybe one of the very first alien races to visit earth and cause the much of the issues it had with the Goa'uld and seeing as they may have been advanced but also somewhat naive. which may have lead to them wanting to abandon their involvement in the affairs of other worlds with their debacle of the Goa'uld, which may have been why some tried to make a hidden Utopian society. Others may have just decided to isolate themselves with their technology or something, this leads me to make an adventure where a group finds some of those that are left. So they would be a Utopian socialism type of society culture based off mostly Guals/french and such, but very advanced possibly also the creators of stonehenge and the founders of the druidic beliefs. Any way that's where i am at so far so any ideas to add?

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I think i will make them a society that has lost their advancements due to their failures of up lifting the Goa'uld who turned upon them and killed many taking what technology they could. Many ran some hid and a few branched off to form a secluded utopian society free from the technological evils that lead them to think they were able to gradian the younger races. they kept their language secret and its knowledge of it as well, some of their race that were taken over became very beastal and the Goa'uld couldn't gain full control of them so all that were taken ended up having to be killed. Some did find a planet on the outer edge of this galaxy that was not listed on any record so no one knows of its true location as it was never written down. But a message was left in case any other firlings wanted to find the new home written in their language and that of the other 3 allies each part a key to finding their new world. each of the three have two of the symbols and the firlings the last one and the order of them. It has taken some time to figure out the translation of what the message was, as the others didn't know as to why the message was written in each of their languages. 

In my groups first mission they are to recover a drone that has gone missing surveying a planet (the plant listed in the writing) now not one knows as to why this one gate was hidden or who hid it. So this was why it has taken this long to find and recover its location. I don't want to tell anyone why they are going, but going to use the 5e shifter race as a base for firlings in my game, they have reverted to a more primitive life and many don't understand tech well but can use theirs and speak and read their language. No two firlings look exactly alike and vary like the animals they have aspects of, they can pass for humans if not looked at to close. A strong magnetic field tends to cause their beast to surface but over the years many of these have learned to control it so as it is not an issue. 

This is what gave raise to werewolves and such on earth and spun those tails through out that worlds many religions and mythologies there of. From native american skinwalkers to the jackal headed creatures of egypt and more, they were the ones who founded the druid faith that degraded into ritual sacrifice and mayhem thanks to the failed Goa'uld experiments. They themselves a blending of animal and humanoids thought they could so the same with most other creatures as well but quickly found out this was not the case. Masters of genetic alteration and splicing as well as many scientific knowledge about Quantum entanglement and dimensional movement, their knowledge of this was far ahead of even the asgard making them appear as students by comparison. They tried to help them even with their cloning and genetics and was on the cusp of having a break through until the Goa'uld experiment failed due mostly to their own hubris.  

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