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Still no product

Chris Holt

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I'm in the same situation. I placed an order over a month and a half ago for the dice set that was and still is listed as "In-stock" - still no shipping confirmation and no replies after several attempts with the "Contact Us" button. I received one reply weeks ago that my order would be shipped "soon". 

I'm calling my bank today to dispute the charges. It's a shame that Wyvern fails this completely at customer service/communication. They've lost me as a customer and I would urge anyone else that's in the same situation to do the same. If they can't keep their paying customers up to date with what's going on with their orders, they don't deserve our money.

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Amazon have legally gagged Wyvern from making any public announcement at the risk of losing their licence while Amazon legal review said licence as part of their MGM purchase. The whole situation has just utterly FUBARed the company

For more, you need to pop on over to their discord and check out the fulfilment channel



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On 7/8/2022 at 12:45 AM, Seb3392 said:


Je suis en France et je vais recevoir ma commande du mois de novembre 2021. Mais oui la communication n'est pas le fort de cette entreprise ...

Amazon a légalement bâillonné Wyvern de faire toute annonce publique au risque de perdre sa licence tandis que l'examen juridique d'Amazon a déclaré la licence dans le cadre de son achat MGM. Toute la situation vient de complètement FUBARed l'entreprise.

Pour en savoir plus, vous devez vous rendre sur leur discorde et consulter le canal d'exécution


(J'espère que Google a rendu cela intelligible...)

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