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Xeno-Tech Specialist unavailability


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Is this Engineer class feat ever going to be able to be bought by other classes? Was it just overlooked and accidently not added to the feat buying section or is there a different reason?

To relate this to character builds for this forum, the reason why I've been asking the question (on discord and now asking here) is my character Ariadne [h] / Leviathan [s] is my team's scientist. Our team doesn't have an engineer, so I'm having Ari basically be the team's techie in some aspects. Plus, I'm interested in R&D. That tech adv (without needing to spend a eureka) might also be nice.

Regardless of if I ended buying or not buying it personally, it would be nice to know how much it would be and to know people who want it have the option.

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Class specific feats can always be purchased by other classes, provided they spend the level worth of MP it costs to pick up the core Advanced Training feat; it's the fundamental principle of the character advancement system. Its accidental omission just means you gotta tease out the MP cost.

The hard way is to chart out all the classes to work out their balance. The easiest is just to look at the CR11 Physicist NPC at the back of the book, which builds on a Scientist base. It has 34 MP of non-scientist feats, including X-TS:

Ballistics Expert (7), Exceptional Expertise (9), Skill Proficiency (9) Xeno-tech Specialist (X) = 34

X = 34 -7 -9 - 9 = 9 MP

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I actually finally got an answer to this a couple days ago. I'm in a rp group with Steve, one of the editors, and he went to gencon so he asked Mack for me. The feat will require Science and Engineering. He said 5mp right now but he may make it 7 later, but for now it's at a discount.

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