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I have recently started to playtest the below. I would be keen to here any comments you all may have:

The general aim is to make modern combat feel different from ranged attacks in 5e SRD, promote a cinematic style of action and address simulationist concerns.

Big Changes

  • Replacement of the upgrades system with fixed value weapons and seperate accessories. 
  • Requisitions points - used to procure weapons and accessories but do not replace back up weapons supplied with prep kits.
  • Reloading sacrifices speed rather than actions.

Minor changes include:

  • changes to the proficiencies and categories to create more design space and map more sensibly onto the classes
  • Where possible I have minimized weapon ranges and made very long range weapons expensive or of limited use.
  • Change to the prone and knockdown rules to work in modern combat. 
  • Shotgun are not their own category anymore - they fit in to the other longarm categories. 

Further notes:

All the weapons in this system have been built using a standardized approach in which different qualities have different costs that combine make a functioning weapon. 

There is a second document that addresses the build system that I will post about later. 

I would welcome constructive criticism. Please bare in mind that the intention is not to simulate real combat, but make it distinct from 5e and encourage a dynamic and cinematic style of play.

3 - Stargate Action System - Players Guide-v0.1.pdf

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