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Weapon Upgrades


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I am not sure the usefulness of the Soldier ability to gain one upgrade to a weapon. In the Equipment chapter on page 67. It states a longarm can have any number of upgrades. The way I understand the rules, you are allowed to create your own longarms by taking the base weapon and adding any number of upgrades. If that is the case, why give the Soldier can ability everyone can do anyway? Does this assume you can only use the weapons detailed in the book? In the weapons section it seems like the Gatemaster/player is encouraged to create their own weapons. Can you clarify this? Thanks so much.

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I have the same opinion, there is technically nothing stopping a player (apart from the gm saying no) from using all the upgrades.

Hoping the final version clarifies this or replaces it with something else.

In my campaign I made a resource system for any extra upgrades a player may want to apply to a weapon and a few other things like base upgrades. I am playing it as the soilder gets a free pick each mission.  For example the p90 says it has the extended mag, automatic and reflex sight. The soilder would be able to for example add any other modification for free to the p90 or what ever the long arm they are using for the mission while other players will need to dip into the limited resource they have.

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