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Hey everyone and nice to meet you! happy to see a Stargate RPG pop up. (still holding my breath on that mmorpg that died years ago) Huge fans of the series and long time gamer. Have only been playing 5e for a few years now, but we have a solid play group that cycles the DM and have multiple games running. (DM burnout is a real thing apparently)

I'm a coder and my hobby of late is 3d printing minis for our game group. I have been thinking of running our groups first non fantasy campaign, and in anticipation have been printing out loads of f302's. Have a decent sized Prometheus and Apophis Mothership printed as well. Still way to early to tell if I can lean them into the stargate cannon, but no matter what space world we end up in... the ship mini's will be of Stargate origin lol.

Can't wait to see what this RPG brings. Love a good table top!

Cheers! ~Crypto

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