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FN P90 characteristics


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Do people in stargate or I suppose in real life, usually fire the FN P90 at point blank range (and if they do with no aiming consequences)? 🤔 Or would they just probably keep from getting that close at arms range or would they just swap to the pistol? The pistol is what comes to mind for me at that close range, but I could be wrong.

Without knowing that, from a gameplay perspective, snub is great for the FN 90 (my Soldier character Loch actually used his upgrade kit to give the FN P90 snub), but anyways, in my opinion the FN 90 is already the best weapon in game even with its actual base mods of automatic, burst, extended capacity, and reflex sight upgrades and only gets better when you get the Attack Specialist feats. I know I just mentioned having a character with it, but my other character Ariadne doesn't have the snub upgrade and from that experience (even though I like the FN 90), it actually used to be a little bit of bummer to me at times that none of the other weapons could compare to the base FN P90 so there was *almost* never a reason to try something new and go for anything else (though it depends, I've seen some another player use the shotgun very well in certain situations or if you're going for nonlethal).

A base snub would just make already the best thing even better and with no real consequences since the range on it is still high to an extreme degree that you'll never be out of range unless maybe you make custom missions specifically to have enemies farther away than they ever are, but still.

Anyways if you have a longarm upgrade kit or a GM who will let you add it, Snub is a great mod to get for it for the pistol quality. Another route without Snub is there's a Hip Fire feat so if you don't have a weapon upgrade kit so you could just go for that in the future if you wanted.

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