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Wraith statblock

Kellin Litton

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So thinking of attempting a Stargate Atlantis setting and would love some ideas on how to do the wraith/iratus bugs in this system. So far only thing i have thought of is rolling percentile or tossing a coin on whether a wraith has recently fed or not in reference to their healing. 

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Interesting question!  Are you thinking specifically of random encounters?  For planned encounters you would know when they last fed, right?

Or if you're asking about how to handle the healing, how about this: They have a pool of "spare" HP.  The pool's size is determined by when they last fed, but the use of the pool could only be a certain number of HP per round.  So if they have a pool of 20 HP and could replenish 5 HP per round, they could go 4 rounds before their damage couldn't be healed anymore.  Or if they were reduced to 0 HP in one round - even if they still had HP in their pool - they would die or be knocked unconscious.  If unconscious they could keep draining their pool at the normal rate, and once they got at least 1 HP they would regain consciousness.

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Mainly just in general how to do the healing factor for planned or random encounters. Tho I do like the pool idea. But also actions like their life drain and stuff like that cuz cr wise would prob make it bout the same as jaffa or system lords depending on where they sit in the hierarchy of their hive. 

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