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Hello, I'm PX-15945.  I'm British in my late 20's/early 30's and been a Stargate fan since I was young annd the origina terrestrial .T.V. run of .S.G.1. on Channel 4.

I've played a couple of short Stargate campaigns using the, (now old) system but that was a long time ago, (the .D.M. made us genuinely hate that minor System Lord, she was evil and couldn't say dead). Don't ask) and have some recent experience with 5th edition through my local gaming shop.

So it'll be interesting to see how this new game turns out and develops, (hopefuly it won;t be as clunky and broken as .W.O.T.C.'s Star Wars Saga Edition) and howboth Goa'uld history and minor/later introduced factions such as the Lucian Alliance will be detailed.

I reccomend listening to the Terrible Warriors's .S.G.12., "The Shield of Mars" campaign.  It's short but entertaining and a plausible early S.G.1. series story.

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