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Pheonix Base Layout Problems


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So I am looking at the layout of Phoenix Base, and there seems to be a number of problems. 

The number one issue is, how did they get the gate in, and how wold they get it out in the event they needed to. Directly above the gateroom is a dormitory and then the motorpool, with no obvious means to easily open up the floor.  Plus, if they had dig all the way down, build the bottom floor first, plant the gate, then build the levels above, access to the stargate would be rather difficult. Now, perhaps there is a way to move it out behind the gate, that would be the easiest fix, a large elevator that can move the gate up to the surface. But that doesn't fix problem 2...

Problem 2 is that the doors into the gateroom are no more than 3 meters (the stargate being a little over 6 meters in diameter, and it takes about 5 squares the scale is about 1.25 meters, so two squares is 2.5, but we will give it 3). With the dorm above, there really is no place to say, hide missile launchers, like the SGC had. And many of the vehicles and equipment would need to be broken down and reassembled. I always got the sense that Phoenix Base was more like the third Alpha Site, and that it had the ability to send vehicles though. I also seem to recall something meantioned about that in the book, but I cannot recall it at the moment.

As of this moment, if they wanted, the SGC could lower a M1, M2, or a Stryker, for instance, down the silo, and deploy it to other worlds. As far as we know, SGC doesn't have them in the motor pool, but, they COULD acquire one and lower it down the shaft. Or heck, once they have beaming technology, they could shut off the jamming for a moment and beam one down into the gateroom, crew and all. Phoenix Base should have similar capabilities I believe.

The solution is to rotate level 1, so that the dorm is no longer above the gateroom, which would be better for those in the dorm anyway and rearrange the elevators. Have a vehicle lift in the morotpool that goes all the way down to the gateroom, that can let the vehicle off on level with the top of the ramp. This elevator is also how the gate was lowered into the room as well as can be taken out. Add more motor pool around the lift on level 1. 

I have the idea in my head, if anyone wants to see what I have, I am more than willing to supply in a couple days!

EDIT: Floor numbers and the following:

Instead of rotating floor 1, the entirety of the floor, other than stairs and lifts, and shifted so the farthest left wall of the dorms is flush with where the vehicle lift and two elevators meet. The large open area now above the gateroom becomes motorpool area. The large lift would still be used for MALPS, FREDS and possibly UAVs, but the lift in motorpool would be used for larger vehicles.  The lift in the motor pool cold also provide a base for a missile platform, if, they just don't use a vehicle to do it.

This base was suppose to be planned, they had several years to design it so that it could overcome many of the problems of the SCG.

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The rules do mention that an Abrams could fit through the gate (p. 80).  I did some back-of-the-envelope geometry based on a bare-bones M1 without extra stuff on top of the turret, and it would fit, but barely.  I like your suggestions!  There does need to be a way to get big stuff - including the gate itself - in and out.

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Then it is quite a puzzlement, n'cest pas?

Perhaps . . . the hole was dug, the basement floor was put in, the gate set down on it, and the facility built around it.

Whatever the process, I'm sure the Powers That Be will come up with something for the second edition.

(Yes, I still have hope for the future of Amazon and Wyvern working together.)

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