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It would be great if....

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...There were more products for this RPG. I mean a core book only? Am I missing something? Are there plans for other physical supplements? I would love, love, love a (physical) book of ship deck plans (but would be happy with a pdf), A (physical) book that covers an entire season of missions (would not be happy with just a pdf).

VTT Support? That would be nice. I understand with an IP like Stargate there may be some limitations or difficulties, but come on...one core book only? There could be an Atlantis book, a Destiny book and I'm sure others. I, for one, would buy them.

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It's all dependent on what Amazon allows Wyvern to do. If they're not approving products, then there's nothing that can be done about it. From what I've heard, there are plans for Season 2 of the living campaign and an Atlantis supplement, but it's all held up by the IP holder.

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it would be great if . . .

• A 'checklist' format for character generations would be developed and published, avoiding the seemingly endless page-flipping now required.

• A similar 'checklist' would be developed and published for generating worlds -- populated and unpopulated, and with or without stargates.

• A template would be developed and published for writing individual episodes, as well as 13-episode story arcs.

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