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Commander Theodore Harrison host to Mallac of the Tok'ra

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Theo was born in the rural town of Opalton in Central Queensland, Australia, Earth. Opalton is a true Outback town with a population of less then 100, his family dates back to the founding of Opalton in the early 1800s. Theodore's family has a long and proud history in the military of Australia from the Second Boar War to the War in Afganistan and Iraq, unlike the previous generations of his family Theodore joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1990 when he turned 18 with his eyes set on the seas of Earth and his dreams set on the Stars and Space. 

If you ask him Theo will claim that he could ride a horse before he could walk, if their is any truth to this claim he won't tell you. He lived on his family's farm and enjoyed the outdoors but during the cold night he would stay outside and dream of flying amoung the stars. He first fell in love when he was ten with his neighbour (who lived 50km away, everyone says it is 'just down the road') and although they hit it of a first he was quickly turned down when Theo explained his desire to leave Opalton, he hasn't fallen in love since.

When Theo was 18 he joined the Royal Australian Navy Submariner Corps while his twin brother joined the Australian Army and his sister joined the Royal Australian Air Force. Theo quickly impressed his instructors during training and was assinged to REDACTED as an Enginneer which served on for 13 years, even gaining an Officers Commission, over this time he also became a quilified Helicopter Pilot.

In 2003 he was recommaned for Special Operations due to his increaible marksmenship which he honed while growing up, he became apart of the RAN Unit assigned to the SASR as a Sharpshotter and Assault Specialist.

Theo joined the Stargate Progrem as one of Australia's Combat Personal and became a Tok'ra when during a Joint Mission the Host was Critically wounded and Theo became the Symboints' New Host.


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Episode Runs

  1. S1E6 - Prey : S01E06

    • Episode Number: 1.06
    • Tier: 1
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