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Simplifying for a First-Time GM?


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I'm very familiar with Stargate lore, but have never DMed, and thought Stargate might be a good way to begin, as I'd have 15 seasons of TV to fall back on when I need to improvise. I've played a few sessions of DnD 5e and the Star Wars RPG, but there the DM told me what I had to do when it came to mechanics.

But when I am the GM, all these rules with CRs and DPs and all that feel overwhelming to me. How would I ever remember all of this existed, not to mention run a game without constantly disappearing in the rulebook for minutes at a time?

Does anyone have recommendations for simplifying the game? Do you all just have great memory that you can remember all this? Am I just not cut out to be a GM? Are there mechanics one can leave out for the first few sessions, or ones one should focus on that make for a "good enough" game until I'm familiar enough that I can learn the rest?

-- Uli

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Game Master Screen. It’s a fold up screen with handy rules references on one side, and a pretty picture for the players to look at on the other side. You prop it up before you and can quickly find common stuff on it.

Otherwise, experience. You get better at remembering the details with practice, and similarly you get more comfortable just winging it and improvising.

Just trust in yourself. You’ll do ”good enough” as long as you and your players are having fun.

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