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Official Episode 1 Mission Wrap-Up


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The purpose of this post is to give the official version of what happened in Season 1, Episode 1 of the Phoenix Site Living Series. These results are compiled from the episode playthroughs that where ran at tables and reported to us via After Action Reports. Future episodes of the Phoenix Site Living Series will build off of these official results for story arc and plot points.


A'tir, Bervell, Kulera, Lanni, Maste/Bythal, and Oringo volunteered to join the Stargate Phoenix Site.  Arriving at various times, each team member became acclimated to their surroundings. All reported to the mustering area just outside of the motorpool on base.  While each new recruit had some experience under their belts, that fateful day was their first day to really start their training.

After a short introduction from General Loyer, the new recruits were led to the practice field by Major Ross to participate in combat training utilizing cover.  Some of the recruits required additional time at the firing range, namely Lanni, but all were ultimately successful in the activity.  The recruits were then led to the bunkhouse to get settled in.  During that time, a newly recruited Jaffa soldier named Em'lyn stated her displeasure of being bunked with a Tok'ra.  The recruits were able to convince Em'lyn of her faulty logic and sympathize with her past to stabilize the bunkhouse. In particular A'tir referenced Bra'tac and Teal'c to shame and inspire her.  Maste/Bythal also noted that she, a Tok’ra, was working alongside A’tir, a Jaffa. 

Trouble in the Barracks Calmed = SUCCESS

The next day, the recruits were led to Phoenix base's gateroom and given an introduction by Dr. Burg or as he liked to be called Dr. “B”, on the protocols of gate-travel.  The gate technician Danos dialed up P1X-774 and performed a demonstration of the iris before FRED was sent through. During this, a coolant leak led to a lockdown of the gateroom with the recruits inside, who quickly decided to follow FRED through the gate.  

Bervell took a face full of coolant, but was able to reassure Kulera he was unhurt.  However, over the radio, Dr. Burg was less convinced. He instructed the recruits to proceed to the base camp.  Located there was a med pack to help Bervell, but warned the planet had pink clouds that could produce highly acidic rain.  Dr. "B" stated he would radio back in two hours with updates on the gateroom repairs.  

The recruits proceeded to the base camp where they found it ransacked.  On inspection, they found Jaffa boot prints and a symbol of what looked like a wolf standing on a snake. The team were successful in identifying the symbol of a powerful System Lord named Wepwawet.

Around this time, the recruits heard back from Dr. "B" that the coolant leak had been fixed and if they headed back to the gate, they should have the gateroom door fixed by the time they get back. The recruits being paranoid of the acid rain salvaged materials from the base camp and rigged up a temporary “lean-to” structure for protection.

As they approached the gate, Oringo and Kulera noticed the wind change direction moments before acidic rain started to pour down. The team quickly formed cover while Phoenix Site base glyphs were punched in.  It was at this time the team realized the DHD was not working. Bervell stepped in and was able to quickly ascertain that the power crystal had been tampered with and fit a replacement from FRED. With that, the team was able to return to Phoenix base successfully with FRED and pass on the images from the base camp attack, including the Wepwawet symbol.

First Time Off-World Success = SUCCESS

The team was then debriefed by Major Ross before being taken to the infirmary to be checked out. General Loyer also sent a tech team back to the planet to fix the DHD.   The following day, the team was brought to a briefing room with General Loyer for an abbreviated ceremony where the recruits were made official members of the program.  The cake was held back as the General had an urgent mission for the team, to meet a Tok'ra agent to gather some intel. The intel was in regards to a System Lord Wepwawet, whose symbol the team had discovered the day prior at the base camp.  

The team agreed to the mission and geared up to head to P3X-582.  On the other side, the team headed to the rendezvous spot to meet the Tok'ra Karrasha. The team and the Tok'ra were quickly ambushed by an overwhelming force of Wepwawet’s Jaffa.  Before surrendering, Oringo set up a hidden cache of supplies in Karrasha's cave.  Lanni also rigged the cache with C4 to serve as a distraction if needed. 

Being captured, the team was taken in front of Lord Wepwawet.  Before the Goa’uld System Lord could continue to interrogate Maste/Bythal with his Kara’Kesh, a Jaffa interrupted.  A small black cube that pulsed with energy like a heartbeat was presented to Wepwawet.  This caused Wepwawet to order his First Prime J’ta to remove the team and imprison them while Karrasha was to be tortured.  No matter what Bervell attempted he could not bypass the locks on the cages.  Kulera took the opportunity to go invisible while in the cage driving the Jaffa into a frenzy. It was only after J'ta threatened to kill Oringo did she become visible again.

Eventually the team overheard a discussion between Lord Wepwawet and a mysterious woman, presumably one of his wives.  After Wepwawet left, the woman dismissed the guards before releasing the team and Karrasha.  The team was able to escape the camp but were quickly followed by a group of Jaffa where a race to the gate took place.  The team was able to evade the pursuit by remotely blowing the hidden cache and return safely through the gate with Karrasha. 

Karrasha Brought Back = SUCCESS

During the debriefing General Loyer was very pleased and introduced the team to their new leader, Captain Selena Rodriquez.  Together they all formed Phoenix-1.  The celebration of the team being accepted into Stargate Command continued with cake, however...inexplicably there was a piece missing.

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