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Essential viewing?


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Hi all!

im sad to say it has been quite a while since I watched any of the Stargate shows. 😞

That is one reason I love the new game, because it inspires me to go back and rediscover some old friends 🙂

I get a couple hours here and there to indulge, so I bring it to the universe...

what do you feel are the essential episodes to watch to be ready for the game’s timeline? 🙂

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Our Season 1 begins right after SG-1's Season 6 e9 and ends at Season 7 e9. So, I would definitely watch SG-1 Season 1-7. To narrow that down maybe all the episodes with the Nox, Unas, Tollan, and the Jaffa rebellion. Oh, and episodes where the SGC finds advanced tech. Hope this helps.

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And Ch 11 “Gatermaster” in heading? Light proof reading 😊

My group has decided to beta the system and game. We are authors and testers in Calgary Ab, Canada. 
With alpha and beta testing done for the Tekumel Foundation, we are eager to play this iconic tale of Stargates and adventure. 

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