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I downloaded and read the beta missions and I actually understand tabletop gaming alittle better than before but what i really wanted to know is what effect would using c4 have on the mirror maze mirriors... how does the reassembling effect game like how long does it take for the broken mirrors to reassemble and will we ever find out what the shinny broken pieces are for and can you take those pieces back to the phoenix site for examination. I had a theory it was replicator pieces but forget what season replicators were introduced to the series.

The games missions seem very interesting so far.

EDIT: Phoenix site not sgc. sorry for the mistake.

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Well, looks like I must invite you to SG Canada. We are in a beta test on Skype and you just put out clues to the next mission! Let me know if you want in, we are using the beta rules and have the beta test characters available or you can make a character. Starting at level 1, progressing through various training posts gets you xperience. Then you start at about level 5. This gives us room to test the mix n match skills people will want. 
C4 or grenades would just break the mirrors. Depending on the GM, you might not want to let them reassemble at base 

here is a view of our Skype Phoenix Base... Also one of our scientists deciphering a goa’uld wall. Suggestions selcome.

17 hours ago, Logan Cipher said:

The language is basically Subject-Verb-Object, much like English.

Tak can mean trick, or it could mean Ta-k - Ta (I) with suffix -k "to be", so "I am"

End of Journey is Remoc, not Remok, again - could be an interesting use of the suffix? "Not being the end of the journey"

If we treat the lines as separate sentences, it's roughly:
You god the bridge (severe lack of verbs forces "Goa'uld" into position of one. "You are in complete control of the ship"?)

Psych (or I am?)

Not the end yet.

If those vertical things are just stylized "H", and all of those horizontal barbells are miswritten A's, then the last line reads
Kah Remo'k Hak (Not-with-some-suffix be-end-of-journey get-rid-off/bugger-off ... missing object of the sentence)

Best version so far:
- You got the bridge
- Gotcha
- This endless journey bites >_<





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The first time nanobots and "replication" were mentioned was early in the first season, when O'Neil ate the interesting cake and had to stay behind, while the team was figuring out what to do with the little buggers that mess with the human biology and on occasion eat up lab equipment... The replicators were not a thing at the time, but the writers were playing with the concept already...

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