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Virus themed mission?


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So this corona virus stuff got me thinking. What if there was a mission where an ancient base was found, but the bases sensors detected a virus, locking the gate, the engineer has to make adjustments to gate systems and is able to open the gate to the base.

Once there a lockdown happens and humanoid replicator like bots come to "Quarantine" they have the choose to either escape a room after capture and fight off the replicators or they have to fight the replicaters from the start. they have to find computers and systems that basically tell that the base was over run by some still potent plauge killing the ancients there. the goal is to study, create or find a cure, pump air out of the base and then the engineer has to work with the ancient systems to make the stargate operatable durring lockdown conditions because even with the plauge gone a computer virus keeps the stargate shut.


just an idea. I know that technically this would have to be a higher level mission cause the stargates system is considered wondrous tech but it could be a way of introducing a more containable replicator type threat. 

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