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Classless Stargate 5E and my ideas


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The document you find below is an experiment at a Classless Stargate 5E RPG. So any sugesstions and comments are more than welcome.


I also included different ideas I had about the game when I compared it to the original DnD 5E (Xanathar's Guide to Everything and the DnD 5E handbook), and comments that different members added to my suggestions.


The document is far from finished but you can already have an idea about how I try to achieve a classless 5E system.


Leveling: As you earn MP you spend it directly on purchasing feats. These feats cover a wide variety of effects from increased attribute values, new abilities, new proficiencies,… Each feat has an MP cost that you must spend to purchase the feat. Once you have spent 10 MP your character advances to the next level. This always comes with an additional health points (based on your character’s hit die), and at some levels an increase in your proficiency modifier. You don’t have to spend all your experience at once. Indeed, you’ll often need to save your experience points as feats can cost as much as 15 MP.


Races and Origins: I added a Racial (40 MP) and Origin (10 MP) using MP points

-I added new races: Asgard, Ohnes and Reol


1ste level: You start at fist level with a number of static HD and proficiencies.

Hit die :D8 / 8 at 1ste level (Extra cost 5 MP per higher hit dice)

Combat proficiencies: Light Armor + choose 2 weapon proficiencies

Skill proficiencies: Choose 3

Tool proficiencies: Choose 4

Equipment Kit: 1

Starting MP: You have 30 MP you can use to buy feats (see chapter 2 Feats). At 1ste level you can only take feats from 2 different specialist feat list.



-I created a new Feat type called Specialist feats: These teats are organized around a specific specialization. At Character creation you only have access to 2 of these Feat lists. Later you can choose from whatever list you want.



  Infiltrator (Thief/Assassin)








-I simplified the cost of the feats in increments of 5.

  Simple Feat = 5 MP

  Powerful Feat = 10 MP

  Extremely Powerful Feat = 15 MP


- I added feats from the original Stargate RPG and DnD 3.5



I added more equipment and proficiency bonuses:

  Vehicles are tool proficiencies that give advantage on Pilot checks


Stargate Classless v3.docx

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I worked further and made some changes.

I removed the Origins and added the MP points to the Starttng points and changed some of those ability in feats.

Combat feat renamed to the new specialist feat Warrior

Added new feats

  Air Assault training

  Amphibius assault training

  Bomb Squad

  Cover Fire

  Ma'Tok Mastery

  Ritual of Life


Added and reworked Equipment

  Back Pack

  Desert Suit

  Disguise Kit

  Scuba gear



  Hazmat suit

  Space Suit

  Navigator tools

  Night Vision Googgles 

  Trained Animal

  Wing man

  Excelent Pilot

  Riding Gear

  Bomb disposal gear

  Reworked the Staff weapon



Added and reworked some rules:

  Animal tricks

  Making traps







Stargate Classless Recent.docx

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I have had a scan of the two very extensive documents. A lot of work went in here and I don't see anything unworkable, although I think Asgard should remain a non-playable race.

Thought your idea on multiple levels of disadvantage was interesting though. Still too complicated. 


If you have more than one advantage/disadvantage left, roll two dice and pick the highest/lowest as usual, but add/subtract the total number of advantages/disadvantages to/from the result: +2/-2 if you have 2 advantages/disadvantages, +3/-3 if you have three, and +4/-4 if you have four or more.

I'd you have 2 levels of disadvantage/advantage, roll 3 d20s and pick the lowest would be perfectly fine and a lot simpler. The increased chance to hit/miss is already there in the number of dice you roll. 

The main issue here is that I think we're ties to having some classes because we have to maintain the major elements of 5e. 

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