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Why 5e?


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I would like to hear from the dev team as to why they chose 5e to build this game on? At its heart D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) is a medieval, fantasy game. Why did you select it versus one of the many systems out there that a modern setting would be more comfortable in? You seem to be jumping through some hoops / kludging a bit to force it to fit - or am I just reading into some of the comments I have seen (Like around firearms - a major facet of SG-1)? 

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Whether required or not, D&D 5E is the largest selling RPG in the world. It accounts for literally millions of players. And about 75% of those won't even think about a different game engine, for a variety of reasons.

For a small company, basing off anything else is going to merely cut the potential sales by more than half.

Stargate, likewise, isn't the biggest IP around.

 FFG got away with Star Wars by several factors: FFG is a long standing powerhouse in the industry; Star Wars is one of the highest grossing IP's ever, and FFG went all out on the public beta. Star Trek RPG space has been fallow for a decade, so going bespoke with a top-10 engine adaptation was a big risk, but it paid off for Modiphius. Alien being done in the house engine of Fria Ligan, the Year Zero Engine, is a case where the RPG space has been fallow for over 20  years, and the prior edition was pretty much a flop. Tales from the Loop was a book first, an RPG second, and a decidedly trippy TV show only after the success of book and game. 

I'd love to have seen a Genesys version of Stargate, but I can't blame the company at all for going D&D 5 SRD... nor for accepting such a clause, if indeed it was a contractual stipulation. My first read of the beta says it's looking well adapted. Impressed me enough to go for the dead tree.

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