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Recruiting for a Play-By-Post game


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Max # Characters: 5
Character Level: 5
Attributes: Standard point-buy
Build Methodology: Classless, per Chapter 7 (pg 85) of the 20200613 beta rules as follows:
   Level 1: The character begins with a Hit Die of d8, and three combat proficiencies -- Light Armor, Common Weapons, and Sidearms. Additionally the character has 41 MP to spend; at this level only, all proficiencies cost a flat 3 MP. You may purchase as many as you wish but may have no more than 4 of any single type (Skill, Tool, Weapon, etc.). Unspent MP carries over to future levels.
   Levels 2-5: For each level from 2 to 5 the character has 14 MP to spend without restriction at standard MP costs.
Restricted Species: Noxian Pacifist, Possessed Unas
Modified Species -- Tok'ra: Synergistic Symbiote dropped in favour of Shared Life. Proficiencies shanged. Otherwise as written.
   Proficiencies: You are proficient in Deception plus an additional skill of your choice.
   Shared Life: Choose whether the host or the symbiote is the dominant personality of the duo; make this choice whenever the symbiote takes a host. If it is the host, the character may choose to gain advantage on any save a number of times equal to their Wisdom bonus per long rest (minimum once). If it is the symbiote, the character may choose to gain advantage on any skill check a number of times equal to their Charisma modifier per long rest (minimum once). You may use technology that is naquadah-gated but must still purchase proficiency. A symbiote without a host must make a Constitution save each hour or suffer 2d4 Constitution damage until they enter an empty host, jaffa pouch, or stasis device.
Modified Gear -- P-90: Max Effective Range 200m, meaning the distance at which mandatory disadvantage applies to attack checks is 100m





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22 hours ago, Jxilgenfritz said:

I would be interested but am having trouble finding the beta test rules (if that's what you're using).

Please let me know if you're interested in another player. 

I've just sent you a message

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