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Recruiting for a Play-By-Post game


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Max # Characters: 5
Character Level: 5
Attributes: Standard point-buy
Build Methodology: Classless, per Chapter 7 (pg 85) of the 20200613 beta rules as follows:
   Level 1: The character begins with a Hit Die of d8, and three combat proficiencies -- Light Armor, Common Weapons, and Sidearms. Additionally the character has 41 MP to spend; at this level only, all proficiencies cost a flat 3 MP. You may purchase as many as you wish but may have no more than 4 of any single type (Skill, Tool, Weapon, etc.). Unspent MP carries over to future levels.
   Levels 2-5: For each level from 2 to 5 the character has 14 MP to spend without restriction at standard MP costs.
Restricted Species: Noxian Pacifist, Possessed Unas
Modified Species -- Tok'ra: Synergistic Symbiote dropped in favour of Shared Life. Proficiencies shanged. Otherwise as written.
   Proficiencies: You are proficient in Deception plus an additional skill of your choice.
   Shared Life: Choose whether the host or the symbiote is the dominant personality of the duo; make this choice whenever the symbiote takes a host. If it is the host, the character may choose to gain advantage on any save a number of times equal to their Wisdom bonus per long rest (minimum once). If it is the symbiote, the character may choose to gain advantage on any skill check a number of times equal to their Charisma modifier per long rest (minimum once). You may use technology that is naquadah-gated but must still purchase proficiency. A symbiote without a host must make a Constitution save each hour or suffer 2d4 Constitution damage until they enter an empty host, jaffa pouch, or stasis device.
Modified Gear -- P-90: Max Effective Range 200m, meaning the distance at which mandatory disadvantage applies to attack checks is 100m





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