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Home-brewed Phoenix Base NPCs


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I am preparing to run a Stargate campaign with some avid fans, and I anticipate that they will want to explore Phoenix Base eventually so they can get to know their Base of Operations better. I know I do! There did not seem to be a command structure or list of specific NPCs stationed at Phoenix Base yet, so I thought it would be great to have a space (similar to the Homebrewed System Lords) for GMs to share ideas for notable NPCs that might visit or serve at Phoenix Base. These do not have to be "canon" or even reoccurring since both SGC and Atlantis bring in a lot of one-shot officers, guests and strangers. Just something to help put names and personalities to the faces around Phoenix base until something is published officially.

Here is a brief list of personnel I assume are stationed at Phoenix Base. My notes currently refer to these NPCs by titles alone, as I expect that official names and personalities will be announced eventually.

General P.K. Loyer. - USA Air Force. (Edit: found this name while rereading the SG Series Guide)

The Master Sergeant - Someone has to dial the gate.

The IOA Agent - Oversight is not an idea that should be dismissed out of hand.

The Chief Medic - An important recurring character, even for those who bring a field medic along with their Team.

The Quartermaster - How much for that ultra-rare piece of equipment I need?


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