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Florida man joins group


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Hello all!

As the subject suggests, I am a man currently living in the heart of Florida, the largest melting pot in the US. I've been exploring and building my table games repertoire over the last decade or so, all in the search of great time investments with friends and family. While mobile and online gaming have been booming in popularity, and I enjoy my fair share of the electronic medium, having a physical interaction with other humans still creates a unique experience that, to me and those I play with, is far superior to the entertainment provided through the glow of the screen. 

Stargate RPG sounds like it could be a blast and would have a rightful place in the lineup of games at my game table. 

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Welcome. Possibly the best click bait title for a forum post that I've seen in a while!

I understand completely the different draw of electronic games and tabletop. I love a session of something like Horizon Zero , for example, but it's a different experience altogether to sitting down for a face-to-face game of, say, Numenera or Gamma World; even though they might both aim toward the same kind of vibe.

What RPGs have you tried recently?

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