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    Phoenix-1 is the first official team formed at Stargate Phoenix. This is the first team in the SGC program that primarily consists of non Tau'ri personnel. The team is led by a USAF Captain Selena Rodriguez, however, the rest of the team hail from other worlds besides Earth. 

    So that you can join the fun quickly we have created playable character sheets for each of our iconic characters from Phoenix-1. In order to start playing, you just need to choose a character and download the character sheet PDF. All the stats you need to play are pre-calculated. With a character and some dice you can easily sit down with a group and start playing. The rules can be taught to you as the game plays out.

    Atir-Headshot.pngA'tir - Jaffa Soldier

       When A’tir went through the Prim’tah, he knew he and his symbiote were destined for greatness. For a decade, he served as guard to his master, never thinking to question his God. He served faithfully and diligently.
       Eventually, A’tir started to hear whispers of a Jaffa who was shol’vah and betrayed his Master. A’tir listened. Perhaps his Master wasn’t without flaw. The shadows of questions formed as triflings piled up and as the cracks in his God’s mask began to show. 
       With swift certainty, these unspoken questions came to the attention of his Master. As punishment A’tir’s clan would be slain. But word of the massacre reached the Tau’ri and several teams evacuated his people under a hail of Ma’tok blasts. When the smoke cleared A’tir’s unit had been defeated, and he knew his life was forfeit. His God would never believe he had fought with all his might. His god would be right. 
       He fled to the Tau’ri at the Stargate and swore a life debt to General Loyer and to serve a new master, The Phoenix Site. 

    Bervell-Headshot.pngBervell - Tollan Engineer

       A refugee from Tollana, Bervell burns with a desire to punish the Goa’uld System Lords.
       Shortly after finishing his studies,the Goa’uld Anubis sent his emissary and Bervell watched as his people were forced to flee their home. One by one, the ships were shot down, killing everyone he’d known and loved.
       Bervell spent months in isolation, hiding in the ruins of his homeworld and attempting to call for help. Risking his life so that the universe would know his people’s fate, he managed to get an aging satellite online remotely. However, before he could complete his transmission, Goa’uld strike craft struck. He watched helplessly, once again, as the satellite broke up in high atmosphere. But that brief transmission was enough. A few months later, Bervell was rescued by a Tau’ri Stargate team and subsequently recruited by General Loyer for the Phoenix project. 
       Now he has nothing left, save the desire for revenge and his pride in what his people had accomplished before their destruction.

    Kulera-Headshot.pngKulera - Aturen Medic

       Kulera was born to a devout Tulrakian home. Her parents were dedicated worshipers of The Great Tulrak who once saved her planet when all hope seemed lost. From her youth, she threw herself into her studies under the Nox, learning from them as Tulrak before.
       In Gratitude of the Nox, her people adopted their culture and style. For this reason, she styles her hair in Nox fashion as well as focuses on training in the healing arts. For years she lived an austere life, taking little but knowledge for herself, and always seeking to share what she learned with a gentle healing hand.
       After she finished her training, she undertook a pilgrimage of enlightenment, hoping to bring healing to those who are in need beyond her community. In her travels she found herself aiding a team from the SGC. Seeing in them a cause worthy of The Great Tulrak and a chance to further her pilgrimage, she joined the team.
       Kulera enjoys her missions more than most, viewing SG Phoenix as an opportunity to explore other worlds and further her medical and cultural knowledge.

    Lanni-Headshot.pngLanni - Kelownan Scientist

       When the Kelownans’ found the Stargate, Lanni was there to do the hard work. She’d spent years researching strange symbols, and the temple. She didn’t care that she wasn’t one of the leading archeologists, that she’d only be remembered in passing for her contributions. She just loved the study of the ancient structure. There was so much to learn from cultures that lived thousands of years ago, even when her country was on the brink of another war. 
       Ever dedicated, she couldn’t be torn from the Stargate, not even when the bombs grew ever closer. Lanni began to realize that there was more for her to learn than could be found on Langara. That there were countless civilizations with unique wonders to show her. She left her world behind as the temple’s pillars shook.
       As she wandered a new world she met the primitive people and heard legends of Stargate Command, and upon finally meeting them, she knew she would join. Imagine the worlds... the cultures. There were endless possibilities and she leaped eagerly to join their newest venture, The Phoenix Site. 

    Maste-Headshot.pngMaste / Bythal - Tok'ra Diplomat

       Beloved by all, Bythal was the daughter of the High Priestess of her Clan. Groomed to be the next priestess, she sought to help her people as much as she could, always with a smile and a warm word.
       When illness befell the clan, she was the first to aid the sick, turning to off-world allies. Having been visited by an SG Team before, she reached out to the SGC for aid, but by the time aid arrived, Bythal had succumbed to the illness’ grip. Her people begged the SGC to save their beloved Bythal. With limited options, the SGC contacted the Tok’ra. The symbiote Maste knew that their host was dying. 
       To save her life, Maste’s aging host gave his life so that Bythal and Maste might unite. With the establishment of the SG Phoenix, General Loyer called on the newly merged Bythal and Maste to go through the Stargate and make peaceful contact with the galaxy.

    Oringo-Headshot.pngOringo - Unas Scout

       Oringo was a key player in the bloody revolt against the System Lord, seeking freedom for his people and their human allies. He rarely fought on the front lines, but his infiltration prowess got him into, and out of, places that few could breach. After obtaining a vital piece of logistical information the Tau’ri from the Stargate were able to launch an assault and free his people. 
       Where his intel had helped the freedom fighters determine their next step, this blow saw several planets liberated, but at the cost of his anonymity. Oringo considered it his mission to free the Unas from the tyranny of the Goa’uld overlords. When he joined the Phoenix Site, General Loyer was quick to notice his unique abilities and soon put him to work gathering intel for Phoenix-1. In return for which, Oringo struck a deal to keep the Unas’ presence confidential in order to protect his people.

    Rodriguez-Headshot.pngCaptain Rodriguez - Tau'ri Soldier

       Originally from Puerto-Rico, Captain Selena Rodriguez was the youngest Air Force Pilot to reach the rank of Captain after she was thrust into the lead of a squad when her commander was shot down over Bosnia.
       In March 2000, Capt. Rodriguez, was diverted from her patrols of the Pacific Ocean for a strange mission that involved what she later found out was a crashing spaceship.  Capt. Rodriguez was instrumental in keeping other Earth forces away from the crash site while it was covered up.
       Following these events General Hammond reached out to the Captain and recruited her into the SGC Program. When the opportunity to lead a brand new team called Phoenix-1 at the Phoenix Site arose, Selena jumped at the opportunity.
       Selena has a knack of bringing together people from a variety of backgrounds. Her ability to describe situations from others prospectives made her the prime candidate to lead Phoenix-1.

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