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    In a roleplaying game, you create a character of your choosing based on the rules laid forth in this book. The character you develop is completely in your control. Their actions are your actions. The Gatemaster (GM) will tell you about the journey you are on and describe the details of the scene or situation.

    For example, the GM will tell you, “Your SG team is walking through a 3-meter tall sea of grass. In the distance, you hear the sound of zat’nik’tel fire. What do you do?”

    As a player character, you choose how to respond. If you are a Jaffa Soldier, you might take off running towards the sound, attempting to jump up over the grass to see. If you are a Tok’ra Diplomat, you may cautiously approach, listening for clues. If you are an Unas Scout, you may utilize high ground to perform recon.

    Based on your actions, your Gatemaster will tell you what happens next. In order to determine the outcome, she may ask you to roll dice based on a skill developed by your character. Play continues in this fashion, through a series of encounters, until your objective is complete, and the story concludes. Based on your performance, will receive mission points that allow you to advance your character for the next time you play!

    Player Characters

    The player characters (PCs) are the heroes of the story. While not at the level of the legendary SG-1, your missions are still vitally important in the fight against the galaxy’s many dangers. The majority of this book talks about the options for creating and advancing your character.

    The Gatemaster

    Being the Gatemaster (GM) can be as much fun, if not more, than being a player. You control the story and the non-player characters that interact with the player characters.

    There are chapters in this book that will aid you with building a story that represents a television series, as well as advice on determining the outcome of the various situations.


    DiceComingOutofStargate-.25PageIllus.pngIn order to play the Stargate Roleplaying Game, you will need the following things.

    Core Rulebook

    The Core Rulebook contains all the information players need to create a character to join the Stargate Phoenix Site. You may choose from a set of playable races and classes, and learn all of the skills, feats, equipment, and world-building abilities that allow your character to thrive as an SG team member. The Core Rulebook also covers how to be a Gatemaster (GM), who is the person that guides the player characters on their adventure. As the storyteller, the GM weaves the tale when the player's SG team steps through the gate. NOTE: The Core Rulebook is still in development and will release late 2021.

    Dice & Pencil

    At a bare minimum, you will need polyhedral dice of the following: 1d20, 1d12, 1d10, 1d8, 1d6, 1d4. You may find it advantageous to have multiple of these dice so you may roll them all together, but this is an advanced technique not necessary for starting out. 

    You’ll need a pencil or the like in order to keep track of Health Points, Conditions, or the names of Non-Player Characters important in your Mission. 

    3 to 7 People

    One of your players will need to play the role of Gate Master and you need at least 2 other players to be characters in the mission. However, the Stargate Roleplaying Game plays best with more friends. It is not recommended to have over 6 Player Characters as gameplay starts to slow and everyone won’t get as much action.

    Character Sheet

    The Core Rulebook will teach you how to create a character from scratch. A blank character sheet can be found in the back of this book or you may download it HERE, free of charge.

    If you’d like to jump right in and start playing you can also download our pre-generated iconic characters. It may also be useful to take a look at these starter characters just to give you an idea of what is needed to fill out one of your own. Download the pre-generated iconic characters located HERE, free of charge to get you going!

    Other Things

    The Stargate Roleplaying Game can all be played in a theater of the mind, but some like to play around a tabletop with a one-inch grid playmat and miniature characters. This is completely optional but helps some people picture the tactical nature of combat. 

    The last and most important thing you will need to play is an imagination. Roleplaying allows you to immerse yourself into the universe. The more imagination you put into the game the more fun will be had by all involved. Listen carefully to the descriptions of the environments your Gate Master gives and find inventive ways to solve the problems presented. Have fun!

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