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    Living RPG Series

    Stargate Phoenix – A Living RPG Series is a living campaign in which your character will live within a Stargate SG-1 canon universe series called "Stargate: Phoenix." Your success and failures will shape the story that plays out over a course of a “Season” of “Episodes” released over the coming year, with the final episode for season 1 to be released at Gen Con 2022!

    The thing different about the Living RPG Series over a homebrew game, is that your character can live on from Episode to Episode without having to have the same Gatemaster for every game. All players across the world are playing the same episodes as you on different tables, sharing in the same story. The Episodes released by Wyvern Gaming are official Episodes in the "Stargate: Phoenix" Series, therefore the story is consistent from table to table. 


    Phoenix Site

    A well-kept secret, even from some SG teams, the Stargate Phoenix site’s origins were born from a distinct need to allow independent in-galaxy work with our alien allies. The idea for Stargate Phoenix began as the SG teams went on missions and contact was made with several intelligent cultures, often distant Earth descendants, that were under the control or influence of the Goa’uld. These SG team visits were many times a spark that lit the spirits of that abject world.

    As more and more refugees from foreign worlds began to rise up, another classified SG program, separate from the primary SGC, was authorized by the President and headed up by General P.K. Loyer. Its mission was to establish an off-world SG command center called Phoenix Site that would bring together and train volunteers from those worlds and cultures, encountered by the Tau’ri, that would choose freedom and knowledge over oppression.

    Once trained these SG teams would be sent on missions with the exploration and defense of the free galaxy in mind. 

    You are an operative of the Phoenix site.


    Building a Living Series Legal Character

    Because you can have a different Gatemaster at every table, we have to establish some overall rules for building a character that can play in the Stargate Phoenix Living Series. This is to try to keep the player's characters, which will likely be different with every game, on the same "power level" in order to keep the game fun for everyone.

    You will find a lot of items in the core rulebook that are not initially legal for play. Many of these items, facilities, and character options will become unlocked as you play Episodes in the Series. 

    The Stargate Phoenix Series Guide can be found HERE to view and download. This is a living document and will change over time, likely on a quarterly basis. 


    Character Registration

    Within this website under the PLAY tab, you will find an option called CHARACTERS. On the right hand side, mid-way down, you will find a button, "Create Character." You may use this button to create a new character. The only information required is Character Name, Race, and initial Class. You may also create a back story in the bio section if you wish. 


    Playing in the Living Campaign Requirements:

    1. Read the Stargate Phoenix Series Guide, HERE
    2. Everything Detailed in the WHAT YOU NEED TO PLAY section
    3. Register your Character, HERE


    Gatemaster Points

    As a GM, you can potentially gain notoriety and special unlocks by the accumulation of GM Points. GM Points are earned by reporting After Action Reports. You gain a GM Point for each Player that was run through the episode.

    Gatemasters, in order to get GM Points it is critical that you ensure your players have a legal and registered character for Phoenix Living Series play.


    After Action Reports

    The results, called After Action Reports, are reported by the Gatemaster at the end of each Episode played.  These results are compiled together and based on the majority result of specific story elements the future Episodes in the Series will adapt. 

    For example, let's say a story included a storyline to make the first contact with a new planet of humans. In this example, the majority of teams that travel to the planet are successful in befriending the inhabitants. This means that in a later Episode in the Series, where there Stargate Phoenix base is under attack and you need to evacuate, where do you go? Well, because we have friends on that planet, you can send your VIPs off to stay with your new friends. However, let's say the majority did not make friends, now your VIPs would have to stay at the Phoenix site and we may lose a beloved NPC in the firefight. 

    The After Action Reports are also where Players are given the REWARDS for playing an episode. At the very least this comes in the form of Mission Points, which are what you need to level your character. However, there are other items and favors that can be granted based on the player character's actions in the episode.


    Episode Runs
    In order to report an After Action Report, you must have created, or had created for you, an Episode Run via the StargateTheRPG.com > Play > Episodes. An Episode Run will have a unique code that GMs can give players which will be in the form of a QR Code or Web Link. Providing the players with this code allows them to add their character to the Episode Run.

    After the Episode has been run, you as the Gatemaster can go to StargateTheRPG.com > Play > Episodes. Find the Episode you ran and update the After Action Report. Simple as that.


    DEADLINE for After Action Reports

    If you are unable to report results immediately after the game has been played, please note down the major results and report them at a later time.

    You have up to 1 week after the Episode Run has been scheduled to report the After Action Report. Also, each episode has an amount of time that it can be reported in order to count towards the Phoenix Series canon. This is typically 6 weeks after the initial release of the episode.

    Don’t worry though, even if you report your After Action Report after this canon deadline, you as a GM will still get your GM Points.


    Episode Results

    The Phoenix Living RPG Series canon will be updated via a forum post on the StargateTheRPG.com > Forums. This post will be in the Stargate: Phoenix - A Living RPG Series topic and will be listed under the episode title and number.

    These results will be written in the form of a narrative that takes into account the majority actions of the player’s characters that played the episode within the episode canon deadline.

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