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Multiple Episode 3s?

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Last year at GenCon Online, I played episode 3, A Twisted Past.  This year's schedule has two more scenarios titled episode 3 - episode 3 Mechanicus and episode 3 A Matter of Fae.  Anyone know how this is supposed to work?  Can you play all three with the same character, or is this a choose your path thing where you only do one?


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Mechanicus is not a part of the core 13 episode plot of the season but a stand alone side mission aka a random gate address of the week episode (technically mislabelled as ep 3 but you can just consider it the third of the 5 side missions available at gencon).

A Twisted Past has been removed from SGP canon and replaced by A Matter of Fae as a result of extensive feedback. As far as I'm aware if you played ATP you get to keep the MP earned for doing so and thus can indeed use the same character you did in that adventure to play both Mechanicus and A Matter of Fae

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It would be nice if the original episode 3 could be unofficially released as a non-canon episode if some of us wish to run it with out local groups. That was one of the games I had the most fun with at GenCon last year and am bummed that this is not going to be officially released. I was really looking forward to running that for my game group and get them excited about the game (like it did for me).

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