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Ori vs Wraith


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Keep in mind it's a wraith super hiveship, not a regular one, we are talking about. I'd say it's a closed match; the ZPM fueled hiveship would be a challenge for Ori ships, which aren't as advanced as the Aurora class ships alterans used during the Wraith War.

Also, in space combat, Prior abilities aren't as useful in ship-to-ship engagements. They could be moderately helpful if managed to board the hiveship and yet wraith regenerative powers might be able to withstand the Ori disease. And there's a chance the Prior might end being wraith snack ūüėõ

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This would have solved the issue of the Wraith in SG:A and the Ori in Stargate:Sg1 give them the origin  coordinates to the Ori super gate. 

Let the two duke it out and than take on the winner. The Ori would have to go on the defensive, buying you time to find a solution in both galaxies.

It would make for a cool alternative timeline RPG campaign: infiltrating into the war zone to find a Ancient/Ori/Pr-Wraith weapons left behind from when they were corporeal creatures.

As for the Wraith, you could give them Sarcophagi technology. They do have deranged human "cultists" they could use the sarcophagi to regenerate for food. This would remove them as a threat if they win.

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