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is soldier a little too long rest dependant? (rally especially)


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Surge being limited to 1/LR is reasonable & makes sense, Tactical flexibility could be debated either way "sorry Daniel I showed you how to fire a pistol  earlier & can't do it again till we sleep on it vrs using some of the nicer tactical feats too often & needing to water them down... 

Right now it's nice & all  but the 1/long rest means that it works out to about 6 hp/long rest if you get into a fight & need to roll initiative,  It seems like it should either get more uses/long rest or get a bonus added to that d10 as you level


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I think once per long rest is fine, since combat isn't emphasized as much as standard 5e, and you will probably be at full health for your first combat each day anyway. I do agree that it should scale with level, but from what I saw a lot of abilities need to scale with level. I've only read through the book once, but it seemed like most abilities didn't do that.

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