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Wyvern Gaming COVID-19 Update


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We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe in this time of uncertainty.

We have received many inquiries about the status of the Stargate RPG project, and we want to put everyone's mind at ease: we are still moving forward. However, after much consideration, we have decided to delay the product launch until 2021 and the Kickstarter launch to fall 2020.

The open beta will continue, and we will publish new updates every few weeks. We will use this extra time to further perfect the game, and so we ask that you please continue to provide playtest feedback.

We will continue to keep you informed. Our thoughts are with every one of you.

Additional information as covered by Gateworld:


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Somewhat expected given the Pandemic. However, I would think that at least online gaming would be encouraged as a way to help with Social Distancing. 
I'm excited that this sees the light of day. Keep plugging away and definitely keep those of us here that are interested informed. 

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Hi all, we've been very much heads down on getting our first 3 episodes of our Living RPG Series, Stargate Phoenix ready. It is launching this weekend at Gen Con Online. Shortly after these episodes will be available for download and home play.

Also, the plan is to launch a Kickstarter 4th quarter 2020 with the retail launch of the Core Rulebook 1st quarter 2021.

Stay tuned.

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